1. Some 1 Like U

From the recording Some 1 Like U

I believe happiness is a by-product of being useful as your authentic self in your community. This song encourages people to do just that.


What if it turned out to be true
that the only one who could save this world was you
And furthermore that every time you help someone else
The one you end up helping the most is actually yourself
It’s like love, it’s like laughter
You can’t measure these things
So dream every dream and grow really big wings
Cause there’s no getting out, there’s no where to go
This is the only world you and I are ever going to know
So why not make it someplace we want to live
We make a living from what you get
We make a life from what you give
The world, the world is down on her knees
Right outside that door begging somebody please
Bust a move, make a stand, there’s so much to do
What the world needs right now is someone like you

© Kathy Moser 2007