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Car Pooling To Concerts Made Easy!


I've set up ride share links below for the following shows.  You can find and offer rides. All the event details are on the calendar page. 


Earth Day Centenary College

Hackettstown, NJ April 26th 10AM-3PM  My set is at 10:45AM


Muses in the Vineyard
May 17th & 18th, Belvidere, NJ
My set is at 1:40PM on Saturday 


You have achieved

 1,200 miles

carpooled to my shows!

As of January 2014 my audience has carpooled, biked, walked, and taken the train a total of 1,213 miles to my shows! 

I have purchased 9794 miles of carbon offsets so that totals 10662 miles of offsets so far!

 In the music world the number one cause of carbon emissions is audiences traveling to gigs.
  So carpool to my shows! (and other shows too) 
It's more fun, just like a lot of environmentally positive solutions. 

You get $5 off $20 of CDs and T-shirts when you carpool!

The goal of this project, besides good music, is to offset the carbon footprint of my album "Some 1 Like U" by a factor of ten and thus be “oxygen positive” rather than carbon neutral.

Leave a message in the guest book and let us know when you carpool, how many people and how many miles. We'll periodically add that to our offset calculation.